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Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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About Us

Welcome to Kinburn Pharmasave , you are invited to come visit us and meet our team of Professionals!

Our Pharmacists; Susan Beresford,  Debbie Hawkes, and  Jennine Crawshaw, all would happy to help you understand not only your medications, but also any of your other health concerns. They are assisted by our trained technicians, BelindaT, Trinda, Marlene and Belinda W.

At Kinburn, you are more than just a prescription. Come in and ask our Pharmacists about your everyday health, such as “what is the right vitamin combination for your health and lifestyle”. Ask us questions about over-the-counter medicine- does it interact with your prescription medicine? Is it safe to use with your health condition? How long should you allow the treatment before seeing a Doctor? What are the warning signs that tell you see a Doctor? Our Pharmacists are available to talk to you about your over-the-counter medicine choices.


Medication Review Program

Are you taking multiple prescription medications?  Are you unsure of how to take your medications?  do you worry about interactions with your prescription medication?

Our Pharmacists are offering a Medication reveiw program that can help you manage and improve your health.  A one-on-one consultation with a Pharmacist will begin the reveiw process.  All of your medications and natural products will be reviewed to ensure appropriate usage and benefits.  The Pharmacist will follow up with you and may talk with your Physician to discuss the results of the medication review.  The program is meant to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Prescribing of Minor Ailments

Our Pharmacists can now assess and prescribe for these minor ailments: allergic rhinitis, calluses and corns, cold sore, contact allergic dermatitis, cough, dandruff, dry eyes, hemmroids, impetigo, indigestion/acid reflux, nasal congestopn. sore throat, menstral cramps, mild acne, mild bites& stings, mild headsche, mild to moderate eczema, minor muscle & joint pain, minor sleep disorders, nausea, non-infectious diarrhea, oral ulcers, skin fungal infection (e.g. Athlete’s foot), threadworms and pinworms, thrush, warts, yeast infection.

Quit Smoking Cessation Program at Kinburn Pharmasave

Our Pharmacists care about more than just your prescription- they care about your health.

Come to Kinburn Pharmasave when you want to quit smoking! We have the knowledge and the tools to help you reap the benefits of quitting. Live longer and healthier with more money in your pocket ( $18250.00 in 5 years based on a package a day). More importantly, within 72 hours after quitting, your bronchial tubes relax and your lung capacity increases- making breathing easier.

Presentations to local groups

We have many presentations on Power Point- but we also can produce our own. Topics are: Drugs;Use and Abuse, Menopause, Insomnia, Stress, Parkinson’s Condition and Treatment, Cholesterol. So if you have a special interest- let us know, we would like to help you understand your health concerns by presenting a dynamic, information program!

Heart Health Consults at Kinburn Pharmasave

It’s the first of its kind in Canada; an innovative program to help you take control and improve your health between doctors visits. A Pharmasave Heart Health Coach is like having your own personal health consultant and cheerleader all rolled into one. 


This visit is an introduction to the benefits of our unique one-to-one Heart Health Coaching Program. You will meet your coach and go through a confidential consultation. To more accurately determine your cardiovascular risk and whether referral to your physician is necessary, the following areas will be reviewed:

  • Medication and medical condition history
  • Lifestyle factors (exercise, nutrition, stress, etc.)
  • Blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol tests
  • Heart disease risk calculation

Patients with room for improvement will be recommended to sigh up for our Intensive Six Month Heart Health Coaching Program, so that they can be more closely monitored in partnership with their physician.

You will receive a personalized prevention plan highlighting important lifestyle changes.


After the initial visit, the Heart Health coach will communicate with your Physician about the visit(with your consent) and make recommendations including medication changes or request for lab tests.

Your Heart Health Coach wil phone you at two and four weeks to check on your progress, to offer encouragement and answer any questions.

2nd Visit(6 weeks) & 3rd Visit(12 weeks), the Heart Health Coach will:

  • reassess risk factors and chart progress
  • check blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid levels
  • provide educational materials and answer any questions

4th Visit(24 weeks)

By now you will be on your way to a healthier lifestlye! Tests will include blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Lifestlye changes will reassessed and any questions answered.

This is just a brief overview of some of the many services offered by our Pharmasave’s Heart Health Coaches. Just think. This could be the start pf a new, healthier, way of life! For a complete list of services please view our services and products page or contact us.

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